Complete Gear List

Sony A7s II 4K Mirrorless Body
Sony a6300 4K Mirrorless Body
Movcam Cage
Wooden Camera baseplate/top plate
Wooden Camera top 15mm riser/ top handle

6x 128GB SDXC Cards

3x IDX 10s V-Mount
3x Switronix V-Mount
2x Rolux V-Mount
IDX 2-bank Charger
Rolux 2-bank Simultaneous charger
Switronix 2-bank Charger

Rokinon Cine 14mm T/3.1
Rokinon Cine 16mm T/2.2
Rokinon Cine 24mm T/1.5
Rokinon Cine 35mm T/1.5
Rokinon Cine 50mm T/1.5
Rokinon Cine 85mm T/1.5
Nikkor AI-S 55mm f/2.8 Macro
Nikkor AI-S 105mm f/1.8
Nikkor AI-S 135mm f/2.8

Rig and Support Components
Came-TV2.5-15kg Steadica
Ikan MS-PRO 3-Axis Gimbal
Kessler Pocket Dolly
Kessler 8 Ft Jib
Dana Dolly Rental Package
Manfrotto 502HD Tripod Head
Manfrotto 504HD Tripod Head
Manfrotto 536 Carbon Fiber Tripod
Sachtler DV-2 II Tripod
Zacuto Z-Grip Handles V3
Zacuto Carbon Fiber QR Shoulder Pad
Porta Brace Shoulder Pad
Wooden Camera 6"/9” 15mm Rods
Carbon Fiber 24” 15mm Rods

Matte Box
Chrosziel Matte Box w/ Two Filter Trays
5X Tiffen 4x4 Filters (1/4 and 1/2 Black Pro Mist, Soft Warming, Warming #1,and Rotating Polarizer)

Follow Focus

Tilta Follow Focus V.3
Zacuto Z-Drive Follow Focus

Wireless Components
Ikan PD1 Wireless Follow Focus
IDX Wireless Monitoring System

Arri 1k Fresnel
Chimera Triolet
Chimera Pancake Softbox
Mole Richardwson MiniMole 250w
4x lowel omni 500w
Westcott Spiderlite (500w/1000w)
3x China balls (2x 24", 1x 36" w/ 200-300w)
2x Westcott softboxes (medium, and medium/large)
2x Matthews C-stands w/ Arms
2x Matthews Coleman Stands w/ Arms
Matthews 18"x24" RoadRags flag set
6x Arri/Manfrotto/Matthews kit stands
Arri mini-roller combo stand
Matthews Quaker clamp
5x Maffer Clamps
2x sandbags
Lots of Duvytene

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